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Senior Account Executive

Working Description

- Join in meeting with clients to approach, record and consult company’s products and services.
- Analyze customer’s demand, consult and approach the digital marketing idea and plan for clients with Account Director and Manager.
- Join in and record the idea for proposal
- Support Account Manager in performing campaign; presenting proposal (if necessary)
- Make IC and quotation (Items and cost) along with online media marketing plans
- Compose and submit documents for signature related to internal project and clients (If any)
- Contact other Department and Supplier to conduct all items under signed contract.
- Prepare information about competitors, industry updates and online media marketing.
- Collect and build supplier system, and make quotation of outsource services.
- Handle other works arising as assigned of BOD and Direct Manager.

Experience Skills

- At least 2 years working in equivalent position; prefer candidates who worked for competitors or same industry.
- Good knowledge of market, media and advertising …
- Prefer Bachelor Degree in Media, English, Marketing and PR…

* The skills required are:

- Ability to make plans and conduct works
- Be good at communication and establish relationships
- Good at presentation and clarify topic
- Ability to work under pressure and work processing

Contact Information

Interested candidates are pleased to apply by e-mail or directly to the company (specify position applying for)
* Profiles include:
- CV specifies the working process.
- Letter of reference (if any)
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