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Senior Web Developer

Working Description

- On behalf of the Production department to mornitor all activities, works and progress of projects

- To be responsible for KPI of team

- To train colleagues, intern, collaborators about the knowledge of web

- To build the online portals in many different fields

- To develop and optimize the content management systems available

- To research and develop the Web Applications

- To optimize the code of programming and Query.

- To develop the websites/ microsite for Vietnamese and Foreign customers

- To perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors

Experience Skills

- Experience >03 years at the company in the field of media advertising;> 02 years equivalent position
- Knowledge of ecommerce
- Knowledge of Advertising, Online Marketing (Advertising, Digital Media/ Marketing)
- Bachelor degree or higher, preferably Fine Arts specialized applications, Industrial Arts, .

- Microsoft Office, fluent in graphics software such as Corel, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash ...
- Understanding the reference channel, looking for data, updating trends for design work;


* The skills required are:

- Planning and development work;

- Time Management;

- Highly creative in design field

- working under high pressure on the quality and progress of work;

- Creative thinking;

- Under the pressure of progress

Contact Information

Interested candidates are pleased to apply by e-mail or directly to the company (specify position applying for)
* Profiles include:
- CV specifies the working process.
- Letter of reference (if any)
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